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Dating a peruvian man

Spanish – The most Europeanized of Latinos, hence lacking some of the more old-school appeal.

A bunch of construction workers on the street happened to notice two women with breasts (me) and legs (her) and decided to express their appreciation. They pick you up, they open the door, they deliver you home at the end of the night, making you feel like you can finally relax and forget about the timetable of the last Metro.

There we were, two New York expats, glowing in the bask of whistles and “buena” cheers from a bunch of construction workers. The restaurant, the bill, the traffic – none of these are any longer your concern.

I love me a Latin anything – Mexican food, Peruvian corn, Pisco Sours, Flamenco, you name it.

Never having stepped foot in South America (yet – I’m saving myself), I have successfully outsourced the culture via a number of crazy Latino friends, as well as the other national treasure that this part of the world to offer – Latin men have led to some of the more exciting adventures of my young life.

There was the Argentinian singer I met next to the Beatrice Inn one night, who played me ballads on his guitar while whispering sweet nothings in my ear.

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Never let a woman pay, even if said woman is merely a friend. Perhaps slightly less macho than the rest of them..Argentinians – Don’t waste their time, see what they like and go for it.

American girls are all smelly trolls and foreign girls all look like supermodels.Persistent, occasionally almost bordering on pushy, similarly to Italians. Brazilians – Boisterous and crazy, yet so much fun.I have dated a few and am always amazed at the of these guys – whatever they’re taking has to be imported to France.Torture them in this manner for extended periods of time for optimal results. The notorious Argentinian dinger was known to romance all of lower Bowery, Juan Pablo kissed me last summer while already having a girlfriend, and some of the other Latino “family men” I know are openly unfaithful to their significant others.Then again, French men cheat and have none of the aforementioned positives, so judge for yourself.According to my friends, they can get slightly obsessive, so beware.