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“I am a feminist and my feminism started with a fish fry,” she said.

I think we girls are just very good at putting up an act because we are always told to be someone else, someone the society wants us to be.

That’s why we have about 150 actresses coming into the industry every other year to act opposite 10 male actors in the industry.

Thankfully the system has changed -- now each house has two captains, one girl and one boy.

By then, she says, she had come to believe that if you questioned the system, things changed. They just ban me.”She further explained how when she entered the film industry, she was asked to dumb down.

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However, when she entered the film industry, she realized that if you questioned, you could get banned. “When I walked into this film industry I was greeted with words like shelf-life, adjust, compromise, smile more.Citing another episode from her life, she said when she first began working, she was hosting a television show along with doing films. But most often to dumb down.”Reflecting on her response then, she said how she told herself that this dumbing down business came easily to women.

She once participated in student elections and, in the process, found out that there were different rules for boys and girls.If all goes well, successful adult star Mia Khalifa will make her Malayalam film debut with Chunkzz 2: The Conclusion, a sequel of hit sex comedy Chunkzz, reports Indian Express.Confirming the news, director Omar Lulu was quoted by a Malayalam news report as saying, “Mia will have a character role apart from an item dance in the film.”For the uninitiated, Mia had a brief career as a porn star before moving on to working as a journalist hosting a sports show for Complex News’s You Tube Channel.The theatre owners’ union came and told her that she cannot do that. How during teenage years, girls would often dumb down so that boys would find them coy.She said, “All the girls here, do you remember when we were in our teenage years, we used to dumb down so that the boys would find us all coy and perfect marriage material type.In a 15-minute talk, she began by citing an example from early in her life she was denied a fish fry.